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Here you will find all the publicly available Coquitlam real estate, properties, houses and feature homes for sale in Coquitlam and surrounding communities.

With my 16 years of experienced as a Licensed & Registered REALTOR®, I developed and established strategies to help you sell your property for top dollars and Save You Thousands of dollars $$$ on a traditional Real Estate Commissions and Fees            

"Plus I will match any Registered/Licensed Competitor's discount rates & fees."



You Should Know About Weeks Before Listing Your Home For Sale

According to industry experts, there are over 33 physical problems that will come under Scrutiny during a home inspection when your home is for sale, A new report has been Prepared which identifies the most common of these problems, and what you should know about them before you list your home for sale.  click here to more information

 Are you thinking of buying, selling or refinancing a home?
Would you like to see what your neighbors are paying for similar homes in your area?
Why use a real estate agent to find comparable for properties?
We offer two great tools to help you find information about a particular property.

100% Free, Property Value Estimator
Our Property Value Estimator will give you detailed property information along with a value for the property and a range based .on comparable in the areas. Our product is design for existing residential properties from single-family homes to high-rise condominiums. Reports will not be available for new construction, multi-family or mobile homes.

Property Value Estimator reports are what lenders and real estate professionals use when they need fast, accurate property valuations backed by proprietary data, modeling expertise, industry knowledge and long-standing reputation only Home price brings to the market. Real Estate experts agree that market knowledge is the key to figuring a home’s value.

Home Price Report

Our Home Price Report will give you detailed property information, up to 30 comparable sales, street map, and detailed information about the neighborhood including demographics, school reports, and local business information.

Please note that although the Home Price Report provides you with a ton of data about the subject home and its surrounding area it does not provide you with a specific home value. If you are looking for the value of your property, you will need the Property Value Estimator. add Your Property for Sale with Us and Compare the Services

If you are planning on selling your home then let us do it for you FREE, we promise you the best professional service and QUICK results.

When you list your property with HANNA REALTY Ltd., you get much more than a listing in a computer database. We actively promote your property by offering the following:

  • Professional evaluation of your property
  • Digital photographs of your property to be used in promotion
  • Color advertising in monthly publications
  • Color window display in front of our office
  • Listed in numerous magazine and newspaper classified sections
  • Listed in online website classified sites
  • Listed on www.mls.ca website which has 10’s of thousands of visitors each month from around the world.

Our website is update weekly to keep visitors on top of the latest listings available.


The Best Times to Buy or Sell a House

The best month to make an offer on a house is January. Fewer buyers are willing to house-hunt during cold, nasty weather, so there’s less competition and few, if any, bidding wars. Sellers also tend to be more motivated than they will be in the spring, when there are more buyers. Why?

They may have just received their credit card bills that reflect Christmas spending and may be feeling financially insecure. And their decision to try to sell their houses in the winter means they’re willing to risk listing during a time of the year when properties tend not show particularly well.

The best day of the month to make an offer on a house is the first Tuesday. Why early in the month? Because the homeowner just wrote a mortgage check for a house he no longer wants or needs to sell and he doesn’t want to write another one. Why Tuesday? Because by Tuesday he’s starting to worry that he won’t get any offers from house hunters who saw the house the weekend before


The best day of the week to list your house for sale is Thursday. This is more true during a sellers’ market, but if you list your house for sale on a Thursday, it will be available right away for weekend showings and by Saturday — the most important day of the real-estate week — your house will have shown only two days. That’s important because the fewer days on market, the better chance the home will attract a full-price offer. Even if your house doesn’t sell by the next Saturday, it will still show only nine days on market, benefiting from the psychological advantage of a single-digit number.


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